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The Village

We were given the idea of creating a village of tiny homes, and renting them out at a very affordable rate to families and working class singles/partners. Within the tiny home

village we will have an array of programs and life coaching techniques that will gear our

tenants to a path of more permanent housing and better life habits. We will work hard to

make and build relationships with surrounding companies to guarantee our tenants a

place to call home once they have completed their time with Onnie’s House Inc. at the

village. The village will be revolving door, it is not a permanent housing facility. this way we will be able to help many individuals and move them towards the ability to acquire and maintain a permanent place to call home, where they choose to rent or own their home after receiving our life changing help that will restructure their mind.

Implementing a rent payment for them will allow them to get into the habit of

paying for bills and learning that you have to pay money to have comfort here in this

world, and that working to gain an income is not just something you do to pass time but

something that is necessary to live an independent, comfortable life within our world.

Our goal is for the people of the village to learn and grow, and reach a progress that they

have struggled to reach on their own. We are helpers of the people, and together we can

get wherever their heart desires.

Project Goal/Projections:

o Average cost of each tiny home ranges between ~$35,000-$60,000

o Each coming fully stocked with necessities such as restroom (toilet, sink,

tub) , kitchen (cabinets, stove, sink, oven), windows, porch, and central

cooling unit.

o Each unit will come furnished according to the individual or family need. Onnie's House Inc. will own each unit and the furnishing.

Within The Village:

As stated above Onnie’s House Inc.Tiny Home Village will not only be place for people

to finally call home, but it where be an environment where personal growth is inevitable.

We will provide state of the art furnished units to our tenants, all equipped with the

necessary tools/household items such as bedroom furniture and decorations, living room

furniture and décor, bathroom necessities and décor, kitchen appliances and décor, all

units with contain only furniture provided by Onnie’s House Inc and the community, no

one is able to bring outside furniture to any of the units.

o There will be storage units available for additional purchase for those in need of

storing their items

o There will be a community center where we will host monthly

teachings/meetings to make sure that we are providing our residents with the

proper tools and preparation for their permanent housing

o We will have financial coaching instructional workshops, goal planning

and reaching classes, routine guidance checkups, and application 101


§ All of these classes will be mandatory

o 24 hour security

o 24 hour gym

o Biking/Walking trail along the village

o Community garden

How can you help?

Onnie’s House Inc. is asking for your monetary support. We are 501c3 accredited and

fully able to accept donations that will also qualify you for a deduction to a charity on

your quarterly/yearly tax report. We need roughly 1.8 million dollars to get this project

started. We are willing to accept a loan as well if a donation is not something that you are

capable of. Within this contribution we will have an contractual agreement with you

detailing the amount that you are able to loan and what we can expect to give you in

return on a monthly basis once the village is up and productively operating. A donation

will give you the privilege to host a class or resource on the Village at no additional cost,

allowing yourself and your business a stage to promote your talent and to gain revenue.

We are not looking for any partnership or willing to give any percentage of our

companies revenue to anyone, so if that is something that you are needing and looking for

we are not the right fit for you.

We, the founders, are not in this business for financial gain. We have dedicated the last 5

years to this mission that God has put into our hearts to be successful in and patient

through. We know that there are others here with us that have a heart to help this class of

people through a valley that they are not able to walk alone through. We are open and

willing to work together with those who can see this vision, who want to see struggling

individuals lives change forever, and are not seeking a personal gain.

Thank You:

We thank you for taking your time to understand and read this vision. We hope that what

you have read will be something that you would like to be a part of. We look forward to

seeing this vision here on earth as a physical entity that will solve a growing problem

here in America. It didn’t start during or after our Covid crisis, the housing world has

always been a hard place for people living paycheck to paycheck, and we here at Onnie’s

House Inc. have discovered a working solution. The people are crying for more accurate

help and better resources, and we have been an answer on a small scale for some time

now, and the time for expansion is NOW!

Thank You,

Robert Davis and Aundria Love


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